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Aspire By Force  is open to receive guest posts from writers with intermediate and expert skill level. If you have something interesting to share in line our category headlines, please feel free to share. Ensure your contents are 100% unique.

Category Headlines

  • Startups and small business management
  • Self-improvement
  • Risk management
  • Freelance writing
  • Finance
  • Aspiring fiction stories

Guidelines for Submission

  • At the top of the post, add your name, email, Twitter handle, Google+ link, website (optional) and an attached clear electronic passport sized photo of yourself (150×150) pixels.
  • A two sentenced bio of yourself. Example – Adams is a freelance writer, social media expert and blogger. He is a vibrant contributor to various blogs and magazine houses.
  • We love to include links in our posts so it won’t be a bad idea to have links in the body of yours.  Our readers would be delighted to get more information from the keywords you’ve linked to our site and to others.
  • Images and referencing: You may not bother to include images as we would get one for you. Kindly provide adequate referencing at the bottom of your work.
  • Point of view – We would prefer you tell your story in either second-person or third-person point of view. For more information click here.
  • Grammar – To make our job easier, look through your work for spelling and grammar errors. You could always get an editor friend to do that for you. Write in the UK or American English style.
  • Word Count – Shoot for 600 – 800 words.
  • Copy and paste your content on this plagiarism checker  to check for plagiarized phrases.You can never be too sure, someone else might have used your intended phrase. We will only accept 100% unique content.
  • Send posts in an editable Word format or Google Docs. Please note that we may tweak your content if need be to suit our audience needs. In some cases we may request that the article is rewritten and resubmitted.
  • Submit your posts to editorial@aspirebyforce.com
  • Once your post is reviewed and approved, we will notify you via email.

Thank you for choosing to write with us.

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The Aspire By Force Team.