Why Good Ideas are Not Enough and Three Ways to Fix it

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Nearly all business seminars I’ve attended in the past have something peculiar with its attendees; every aspiring entrepreneur that walks into that meeting room has a concept to unravel.

It’s simple – “An Idea”

Try this…

Walk through your street and randomly ask five young adults about their aspirations for the new week, in a few months or even in years to come.

You’ll most likely get this same answer from the majority;

”I have an idea that I’ve been TRYING to…”

What’s an idea really?

Why do a few birth their ideas and run with it while others get lost only to regurgitate when asked?

You’re reading this post because someone have decided to write what he’s been thinking and refused it will get stuck in his head.

I presume you’re not a sorcerer to deduce what’s going on in my head, even if you were, you certainly would have goofed on errors of the first draft of this post…just teasing anyway.

I could only let out what I’ve been thinking in one possible way; through a blog post which this is one of them.

It will also interest you to know that the post title, body and image had to be refined repeatedly after series of cancellations, rewriting and third party editing to ensure it is digestible and truly helpful.

I hope this piece will.

The reality about Ideas

No idea is exclusive to one person on earth…There’s nothing hidden under the sun.

You may find this tough to believe;

That great idea you’ve relished so much, tucked into your heart not allowing any other person lay claim to its ownership perhaps have been duplicated in the minds of a thousand people on earth at the same time, possibly in a different perspective.

Still have doubts?

Let’s look at it this way…

Ever attended strategy meetings? if you have, you’ll recall a time where two or three persons admitted to proffering a solution to a particular issue with closely related ideas, they somehow agreed they thought about that same solution to a problem milliseconds apart.

A closer look at Thomas Edison’s idea

The electricity bulb we use today was first thought through by an Italian inventor Alessandra Volta in 1800. He developed the first idea of generating electricity with the use of zinc and copper disc immersed in a salt solution which he called the Voltaic pile.

Alessandra’s discovery was later presented to the Royal society of London; an English inventor Humphrey Davy used the voltaic pile to produce an electric arc lamp which was an improvement from Volta’s work.

However Davy’s improvement wasn’t as reliable as they thought.

In 1879, Edison and his team of researchers’ acted on the electricity bulb concept and eventually got the patent for the first commercialized lamp.

This was possible after a series of tests; experimenting with over 3000 designs of electric bulbs and 6000 plant materials to know which will burn the longest.

Edison’s success could be described as painstaking, I’ll need to be a superman to conduct those endless tests.

Having to take my writing seriously more than just a hobby is how I believe my readers would take me seriously.

This whole fad would have been a mirage if I didn’t decide to hit the keyboard and start typing the first stream of thoughts that flowed from within even if I thought it didn’t make so much sense.

I continue to write every day to improve. Whenever I looked at my old blog posts, I see a remarkable difference what I write now compared to my early rookie days.

But at least I still get a second chance to refine my thoughts through editing before it goes live.

Most definitely a lot of people around the world must have thought about writing for fame or cash, yet they procrastinate and never take action.

Whenever a young writer releases a mind-blowing piece of article, another writer in some other part of the world sobs this way;

“I was actually thinking about that topic…Umm”  

Unfortunately, “the ship just sailed under the bridge”, and that’s how many other ideas would go under if you don’t act.

Plotting a path 

If you noticed, Edison was determined to see his electric bulb work and to build a reputation for creating a resilient lighting filament bulb having the capacity to burn for over 1200 hours.

Interestingly, long after Edison made his mark and got the credit as the inventor of the electricity bulb, more research on improving his work continued till this day.

The idea you have been nursing for that perfect time to launch possibly must have been thought thru by a self-motivated fellow like you in another continent.

Similar ideas could flash through the minds of two people at milliseconds earlier or later than the other.

Who gets the credit afterwards?

Sure you know the answer…

Idea Fixing 

Fix 1 – Disintegrate your idea

The first thing to do is to split your ideas into smaller pieces – Disintegrate to know if you can make sense of it.

I never really fancied blogging; I never thought about writing let alone writing for you to read, not even for myself.

But here I’m, communicating in writing;

The opportunity to write for other blogs led me to practice writing posts on different subjects under a unique theme like small business.

Blogging compelled me to write every day and I realized my craft improved on every new post I published.

To get this first pointer, you’ll need to relate to your ideas in smaller and understandable chunks; possibly you’ll begin to make sense of them.

Fix 2 – Idea evaluation and viability for the long haul

I know a lot of readers will hold on to this point, reasons why they refused to act when they ought to.

Evaluation here means assessing the viability of an idea.

Most ideas are viable but the originator may not be prepared to act for several reasons.

  • The individual cannot disintegrate his ideas and can’t make sense of it.
  • Fear could be holding the fellow back from acting.
  • A clear understanding about the idea but little or no resources to act.
  • A clear understanding but the timing is not right.

If I could read minds properly, I think you struggle with the third or most likely the fourth point. However there’s hope for you to fix that:

Look through these:

  1. Just start out on paper and write all that comes to mind, don’t veer off those ideas.
  2. Evaluate to know if there are connecting dots with any one of them.
  3. Ask the “What ifs” kind of question to test for viability
  4. Learn, learn and learn about that concept…
  5. Seek for resources in people first not people with the resources.
  6. Document your progress as you move along.
  7. You may get a trusted friend that would hold you accountable on your progress

Fix 3 – Build relationships around your idea

A viable idea has connecting strings…

It’s clear that Edison was the anchor-person in his team; nevertheless, he had an enthusiastic team of researchers that worked with him in his laboratory at Menlo Park NJ.

Big projects are achieved more efficiently through team work. Edison didn’t perform over 3000 tests alone, possibly after the 100th test; he would have been discouraged or produced a bulb not commercially viable and resilient like the one he got a patent for.

Learn to involve individuals possessing abilities you’re not so proficient in. Tap on rare knowledge and skill from those around you.  Work towards putting up a viable team for this point to work. Your friends could be a good place to start.

Recently, I’ve been looking out for creative writers to join me on this journey where we can provide business solutions for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe.

“No idea is foolish, it just takes a brilliant mind to refine a crude concept”

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