Bootstrap the Right Way

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Bootstrap the Right Way 
A Start-up Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (eBook)

who just have to do more but have little…


Bootstrap the Right Way is for anyone that wants to learn how to do more with little which is inevitable for start-up entrepreneurs This guide is enriched with real life experiences of entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their businesses from the first year till it gained traction. In the first part of this book, I get to  shared my own story which highlights my challenges, failures and successes along the way.

This guide seeks to enlighten you on bootstrapping the right way – It’s simply doing more with little.

The eleven chapter layout will make clear each subject matter.  Take time, read through the lines and pick vital lessons for your entrepreneurship pursuits.

This is just the best part, getting this book gives you a head start with these content

  • How to access the basics for your startup
  • Planning your first year
  • Looking for the right partner/cofounder
  • Building great teams
  • How to get your first customer
  • An eagle eye on your trades
  • Leveraging on relationships
  • How to form strategies allies.
  • Could bank loans work for me?
  • Managing risks
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Accessing your performance
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Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

11 thoughts on “Bootstrap the Right Way

  1. Kunle Awosiyan Reply

    “Bootstrap” has captured the experience of the author and challenges of an aspiring entrepreneur, mostly in a dicey African business environment. It is a well-researched book that proposed solutions to address the challenges of lukewarm attitude among young, ambitious industrialists.
    Besides being a guide, bootstrap will prepare the steps and processes of floating a profitable business that will survive government regulations and policies. A must read for an aspiring entrepreneur…

  2. Ajibola Buriamoh Reply

    “Let your dream inspire you to make sacrifices’. It’s beyond you wanting to quit your 9 – 5 job. You will understand why from this book. All intending entrepreneurs need to see this book”.

  3. Dr Arinze Igbanugo Reply

    The book ‘”Bootstrap the Right Way” is a refreshing guide to anybody venturing into entrepreneurship. It takes into account the basic ingredients to start with, how to keep an eye on your business and what to do to avoid failure. This is the best book I have read about business recently; the language is breezy and concise. I recommend it to anybody, especially the youth that wants to venture into business in this recession

  4. Chioma Alagboso Reply

    “This book is a powerful tool every entrepreneur should read to do great things”.

  5. Bayo Adedigba Reply

    “This book is coming at the best of times. I’m certain that anyone who reads this would certainly become better in starting anything”.

  6. Emmanuel Olaniyan Reply

    I have read Bootstrap the Right Way and discovered its a great resource that I could use daily. I definitely would read it again and again.

  7. Oluwaseun Oyewole Reply

    The author sharing his experiences in the journey of entrepreneurship authenticates the whole idea. The book does not only teach one about entrepreneurship, it also provides great wisdom for living and I recommend it to everyone out there! The author sharing his experiences in the journey of entrepreneurship authenticates the whole idea. The book does not only teach one about entrepreneurship, it also provides great wisdom for living and I recommend it to everyone out there!

  8. Charles Umeano Reply

    The book truly contains the ‘ABC’s of entrepreneurship, business and career advancement. Anyone interested in any of these MUST get a copy

  9. Raymond .T Reply

    I was a bit skeptical…but I’m glad it was worth it…This is indeed, one of its kind. A well researched book for anyone looking for a way out of inactivity to resourcefulness. Bootstrap the Right Way is a good read.

  10. Nnaemeka Reply

    Great work, Chinedu. u make me proud. Please, people should be reminded that entrepreneurship habits are developed when you are not your own boss yet. CEOs work longer hours than anyone else in the organisation. Keep up this excellent work.
    With you all the way.

  11. Kenny Nwakanma Reply

    If this is just an excerpt from the book then I must say, you might have gone around the world to consult great minds and poured out everything here.
    This is beyond nice, this is super.

    Honestly a lot will be learnt from here.

    People don’t show resilience when it comes to business, everyone thinks business is like a ponzi scheme were you seat down and do nothing for money to come to you

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