5 Reasons Why Solopreneurs Succeed From the Start

Standing alone
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It’s fun starting a new thing especially when your business idea is beginning to take form. Being in charge and making your own decisions comes with the feeling of independence and excitement, ready to take on new challenges in the world of business.

If you’re starting out as a soloprenuer or have been one for a while. These are reasons why soloprenuers have gotten it right from the start. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Solopreneurs Succeed From the Start”

Learn to Write Web Contents Effectively

Writing for print and web
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What’s your attitude when you access content on web and at the same time on print? Reading online and looking through on print are obviously two different medium of accessing information and it’s certain that your attitude to each medium will differ. I’ll will provide insights into content creation and readers consumption pattern online. Continue reading “Learn to Write Web Contents Effectively”

Dealing With Defaulting Customers

Invoices going past due date without any financial commitment from your customer can be frustrating. It even hurts when your customer starts to play pranks on you. You’ve done your due diligence on the customer and have rated him as credit worthy, overtime he starts to default.

Delay in collection is an ordeal every small business owner must learn to deal with. Being able to bootstrap at this time is what makes the journey as an entrepreneur challenging but rewarding. Activate your sixth sense, use every possible tactics to recover your money in this situation.

Delayed payments have led to deteriorating business relationships, fights, lawsuits, confiscation of property, violence and other vices and inconveniences.

This is not a good position to be as your reputation could be marred in the process.These few tips could help put your acts together in your effort to get paid. Continue reading “Dealing With Defaulting Customers”

5 Things to Consider Before Issuing Your First Invoice

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As a new business starting out, you’re optimistic that your products will interest buyers who would part with money for a job well done. Your business model may also permit services to be rendered first before invoices are settled.   Continue reading “5 Things to Consider Before Issuing Your First Invoice”

10 Ways to Adjust to a New Multicultural Workplace

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Relocating abroad can be exciting especially if it’s what you’ve desired. Now you’ve received a letter from your local office nominating you to represent the company abroad.

The role however requires a certain professional skill, exposure and a high level of competence.  You seize the offer with both hands and sign off on the acknowledgment. Continue reading “10 Ways to Adjust to a New Multicultural Workplace”

7 Perils of Risk Avoidance

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Most times fear holds us back from taking that first step. We often feel we don’t have what it takes to arrive at the success we desire. Living life daily comes with certain risks that we have no control over; some of these risks arise as we go about our daily lives.
It’s worrisome to be on your toes all the time, but what can one do? Continue reading “7 Perils of Risk Avoidance”

3 Reasons why Google+ is a Smart Tool for Your Business


When Google+ was introduced in 2011, it faced a lot of criticism among pessimist, specialists, media experts, tech giants and haters.

It appeared to be just another App seeking to displace the early arrivers in the space.  Despite this unhealthy publicity,  more users joined daily.

Continue reading “3 Reasons why Google+ is a Smart Tool for Your Business”