7 Things to Consider Before Paying For a Shared Workspace

The shared workspace concept is trending these days for several reasons. The quest to work freely and at any location has introduced this new working culture.  Investors have created affordable shared workspaces from basic to luxury features for short time rent for start-ups and small businesses. This culture is spreading fast and is being embraced by the youth population.

Before you get caught up in the trend, take time to consider why you’ll need to pay for one. Continue reading “7 Things to Consider Before Paying For a Shared Workspace”

7 Stealthy Financial Leakages You Must Seal Now!


To start with, do you wrestle with ego?

How does money influence your class and attitude?

You possibly might find egoism tough to admit…

Even if you do, you’d have to cut your ego into half to apply what I’m about to show you, perhaps that’s why these tips may seem insane.

Earning has never been so easy in recession times let alone saving.

In a recession, disposable income dwindles unforgivably, intensifying the drive for people to hold and preserve cash.

In a recession, Liquidity rules …

It’s not surprising that price of assets crash ridiculously for the seller to stay liquid.

To make this work, first of all, make up your mind to say a lot of ‘No’s to yourself, people and stuff.

You could term this new attitude; ‘Self-denial’ but it’s a bit more because your decisions would have to be ratified by you; less of acting on impulse, more of critical thinking and fair judgment to make this work.

However, this is not a program to excruciate undue pain for financial sins you’ve committed in the past.

The whole essence is to make you a better manager of a few resources.

At this point, let’s delve in to seal up some more leakages to keep you financially fit. Continue reading “7 Stealthy Financial Leakages You Must Seal Now!”

Why Bootstrapping Your Start-up Idea is Inevitable for Long-term Business Success

The word Boostrapping has been around since the nineteenth century referring to doing impossible tasks like pulling oneself across a yard’s fence using one’s bootstraps.

The founder of a popular hosting service for software development services GitHub, Tom P. Werner actually turned down a six figure salary from Microsoft to work on his own venture. He had to bootstrap GitHub for about five years before accepting a large investment funding. Continue reading “Why Bootstrapping Your Start-up Idea is Inevitable for Long-term Business Success”

New eBook | Bootstrap the Right Way – A Start-up Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Launching a business is just the first step, knowing if you did it right is another.

To Bootstrap a business the right way is inevitable for start-ups, get it right while its early.

This start-up guide is for entrepreneurs who just have  to do more but have  little.  Every business has its growth phases which every entrepreneur needs to get real with.

The knowledge of this reality will not only guide him through the entrepreneurial challenges but will also unveil to him ways to find success and fulfillment while at it.

This guide is enriched with real life examples of entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their businesses from the first year till it gained traction.

Bootstrap the Right Way is now available to you on eBook format


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5 Discernible Signs Your Business is Ready for Expansion

Every entrepreneur hopes he/she will expand weeks after doors are opened up for business. Many businesses are excited to reach this expansion phase quicker than others. It’s vital to discern when its right to move up.

If you experience some of these, get prepared to take on a higher level of operation..

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6 Pitching Moves that Undeniably Gets Your Prospective Customers Listen to You

Customers are more impatient now than ever before, your product or service may not sound new to them.

In their minds, ‘You’re just another sales person’ .But you’ll have to sell your products however.

What will make your message and offering stand out from the pack? To find out, keep these sales secrets close to heart before you pitch. Continue reading “6 Pitching Moves that Undeniably Gets Your Prospective Customers Listen to You”

Just A Few Reasons Why You Need God In the Marketplace this Year

Experiencing an amazing crossover night unfolding into a promising New Year, most people around the world embraced the New Year in high spirits as expected.

It was breath taking visualizing colorful fireworks, hearty cheers, New Year kisses, New Year wishes running into thousands on social media just in a few seconds; even the atheist, the most ungrateful, depressed, depraved or broke will somehow acknowledge another opportunity to start off again.

I believe you felt the same way being able to read this at this time is more reason why I should congratulate you and wish you a Happy New Year.

Amidst the celebrations all around the world, a lot is taking place as we speak. Just like your stop watch reset button, the button for the marketplace has been pushed to restart and we’re already counting down. Continue reading “Just A Few Reasons Why You Need God In the Marketplace this Year”

Lucy Adams – How to Create a Conducive Working Climate in Any Company

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Have you ever been in a situation where most things go wrong and you can’t cope with the simplest of tasks?

Fatigue, unwillingness to work, and negligence in performing official duties could also be serious issues to deal with. I’ll called this – The adverse socio-psychological climate.

The paper is based on the research prepared by Lucy Adams, an outsourced writer you can find at this page.
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