Optimistic About 2017? Understudy the Four Quarter Principle

As humans we run through life assessing how we’ve fared on a yearly basis. We feel on top of the world when the past twelve months show increase not only in material things but in our health and state of mind.

At times we get discouraged when there’s nothing really to show materially especially when colleagues and friends given the same circumstances, resources and time appear to make significant progress with their lives.

As we speak, some people are apprehensive as we barely have few weeks to close the year. How does this play out? The sudden drive to earn more money is imminent as if the year just commenced in December for some people…

At this time of the year, criminal activities and other heinous acts are on the rise endangering the lives and property of citizens.

Why wait till the end of the year to assess your performance? Living life this way would most likely put you under pressure to catch up with those with a more organized living plan.

Why have corporates decided to change the way they are being assessed?

Banks for instance split their assessment periods into smaller fragments of three months each to cummulate later at the end of the year for the following reasons –

# Reason 1 – Four different opportunities to fix operational leakages.

# Reason 2 – Four different corridors to attract local and foreign investors.

# Reason 3 – Four different time line to manage asset and liabilities on the balance sheet

# Reason 4 – Four different periods to make quarterly profits and declare dividends to Shareholders.

Do you think we’ll be more productive if we run and assess our lives in quarters just as the banks do?

Banks and other companies were mandated to reduce their assessment to a quarterly period although every Nigerian bank has it year end mark for December 31st.

However investors are concerned about the shorter assessment period because this helps make strategic decisions for entry into the capital market which stands as a major driver of the economy.

Economic indices were also benchmarked on the performance of the capital market at any point in time whether during the bull or bear season.

Since investors were always on the lookout to know which company to invest funds; banks became more aggressive as they had only a three-month window to give a report and yet another three months to present another report.

4 Unique Seasons in the Life of Man

Fragmenting our yearly goals in smaller pieces can make goals less cumbersome but realistic and achievable.

Few years back, I enrolled for the ACIB (the Association of Chartered Institute Bankers) exam to become a chartered banker, the entire course was scheduled into modules. Right in the modules you’ll find sub-modules.

A civil engineer who wins a contract to rehabilitate an old pedestrian bridge will first plan the entire project and then categorize the project in phases with a set time line to complete one phase and move over to the next.

Projects that are planned well and executed systematically end up being successful.

Keep this in mind: every complex task must first be simplified for guaranteed performance.  

Understanding Each Quarter 

Q1 – Revving up and Taking off

As a goal oriented person, take this phase seriously. Take out time to plan out the year.

You may not see everything from a single point of view at first, that’s why you’ll need to conclude outstanding goals like college and set new goals also. To be honest, you’ll need to set the right goals and prioritize them.

Quarter one is the sowing phase that require careful planning to know what to pursue for year. Most people make resolutions that most times don’t get past two weeks.

Few banks make plans this way, some draw up a yearly budget and split into quarters. More devoted companies plan few weeks before revving off into the new year. You can plan on a quarterly basis to enable you track your performance better.

Q2 – Stabilizing plans

Probably after a brilliant performance in the first quarter, you may not find cause to switch gears or change tactics.

You just go with the flow. It’s okay to run with what works than making unnecessary changes for no reason. Just ensure you don’t lose steam.

Q3 – Try some add-ons and experiment new things

Gradually introduce some new goals similar to what you already have. Ensure you don’t distort your already set goals for the quarter. It could be a health related goal, a mid-year vacation or language class…whatever suits you. This would just create a relaxing quarter as you learn new things in the process

Q4 – Final lap and assessment

Just like Formular-1 racing, the last lap is full of high octane action. This is the time to make your final adjustment and corrections, if you’re losing steam, rev-up and accelerate to tidy things up for the year as your assessment date draws near.

Please avoid cutting corners so you don’t get disqualified on your path for a better life.

Keep paths free of deceit, scheming, fraud and all other vices that could wipe off efforts made in Q1 – Q3 put together.

You’ll be fine at the end. If you keep your paths straight.

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Have a prosperous 2017… Cheers!

About Chinedu Ozulumba

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

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      Hi Bayo,

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  1. Saheed Oladele Reply

    To your question: “Do you think we’ll be more productive if we run and assess our lives in quarters just as the banks do?”

    Yes, I think we’ll be more productive. I’m mostly productive when I access my achievements daily.

    Thanks for the insight.

    • Chinedu Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Thanks for sharing Saheed, If you’ve got more ideas on the subject, I’m open to that. Talk to you soon.

  2. Tracy Reply

    It goes to say that shorter assessment periods work better than waiting for 12 months to know how you’ve fared all along.

    Thanks Chinedu

    • Chinedu Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Exactly Tracy…when we know in our minds that assessment date is by the corner, we up our game to meet up. This habit may seem painful at the beginning but we’ll get used to it it will pay off at the end

  3. Obi Reply

    You timed this piece to perfection. As we round up 2016 & enter into 2016, these are formulas that can help to improve an individual’s productivity.

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      Yes Obi, I never used to think this way…I just think I should shift gears and perhaps try something different. I believe this works. I also appreciate you stopping by, you would be eligible for our loyalty bonus when it comes up…lol

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    Fragmenting our yearly goals in smaller pieces can make goals less cumbersome, more realistic and achievable.

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      Thank you Kemi, Fragmenting goals may seem like putting oneself under pressure, but I think it’ll be beneficial in the long run. Thanks Kemi for visiting

  5. Ryan Biddulph Reply

    Hi Chinedu,

    Revving up and taking off is that key point. The point of points. As you’re pulled through the year and build momentum all the freeing choices you made in the beginning really makes things pop in the long run.


    • Chinedu Ozulumba Post authorReply

      You are right Ryan…the first Quarter particularly the first few weeks in January is the time to step on the throttle. Early start goes a long way to finishing great. Lets remain optimistic about the new year 2017. Thanks once again my friend.

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