Late Bloomers – It’s Never Too Late to Start

Late bloomers are individuals who manifest unusual abilities later in life due to early or midlife circumstances and crisis attributable to factors that could be self-imposed or beyond their control.  As a youngster growing up, my parents made bulk of decisions for me even if I thought some of them were unorthodox, but those decisions have helped shaped me to who I’ve become.

 At a point in our lives we’ll reflect on the impact of our family values, parental upbringing, exposure, geography, faith, culture and other privileges we’ve had and the ones we’ve missed.

Everybody desires to hit it big early in life so that the big bucks would roll in on time. We desire to be our own boss and retire early.

This desire for early success has urged children and young adults to pursue education vigorously while taking the acquisition of knowledge as a going concern.  But the way life recompenses to every man differs in time and season; like the biological release of early morning fresh dew to inhabitants of the earth.

Some are fortunate to make it early but loose it later in life while some may have a tough start and later on in life become a huge success. Late bloomers may have had issues varying from self-identity to lack, divorce, financial loss, career failure, health issues. In the midst of all these setbacks, they eventually blossomed in their later years.

Family Background and Parental Upbringing

A good family background positions you for success. Family plays a strong role in preparing you for life’s surprises and challenges. Some are not so fortunate to be nurtured in a family where love and encouragement is experienced.

However this unfortunate family circumstance did not deter but incited the will to succeed later in life. Jackie Chan’s mother was a drug dealer who married a cop who caught her. That looks awkward but one would think he being an accomplished action-comedy actor whose comic and humorous personality was raised in a family filled with intrigue.

Academic award nominee Woody Harrelson is a likeable laidback guy who played as Woody in the movie Cheers and also starred in True detective has an organised crime figure as a father. Woody’s father Charles was convicted for assassinating a federal judge and two others.

Regardless of these awkward past experiences, he carved out a new life for himself.

Exposure and Environment Counts

We love being socially active while establishing relationships with those we meet. We delight in emotionally connecting with people that share in our interest and values.

Our environment contributes greatly to our outlook to life and what we eventually become. Imagine growing up in a war-torn environment, you’ll agree that it can be psychologically devastating; children struggle significantly to live daily.

The hunger and violation of rights in every form is a daily experience. In 2014, Borgen Magazine wrote on the Psychological Effects of War on Children.  The article revealed UNICEF’s numbers on children who have grown up in war zones. The statistics shows that two million children have died as a result of prolonged conflicts, six million have been disabled permanently and one million have become orphans.

Privileges and Opportunities

Silver spoons or not, privileges will not be available in the same measure possibly, opportunities will be for the taking. Prince Al-Waleed for two years was the world’s wealthiest.

At a time, he locked horns with Forbes Media over his net worth being undervalued. Al-Waleed was born into Saudi’s royalty, affluence and material comfort early in life. He attended the Menlo College in Atherton, California.

He received a $30,000 gift, a loan and a house from his father after graduating which he slowly invested. This privilege must have exposed him to opportunities far beyond the reach of the common man.

Everyone may not have royal privileges like his in this lifetime but you can make do with what you have at hand.

I started my first business trading diesel with a seed capital from my father which helped purchase the required machinery to start and that privilege have position me for greater success in life, I believe.

Willpower and Motivation is Fundamental

Willpower is the mental power to succeed. Willpower breeds on adequate and consistent motivation. Late bloomers may have lacked receiving a good dose of motivation from themselves or from others.

A self-motivated person may have laid hands on different projects but have recorded little success. Sylvester Stallone wanted to be an actor; he was evicted from his apartment which led him to perform roles in adult entertainment for a short while before the evolution of Rocky.

Support and Association Takes You Far

You need others to help you grow and succeed. Many have gone ahead and you’ll need to stand on their shoulders to reach for greater heights.

The power of networking and association makes way for success. Hanging around loafers will produce nothing but disappointment and setbacks. Your association matters.

It’s Never Too Late to Start

What’s your age right now? In what part of the world are you? There’s still a lot you can do. The emergence of Connell Harland Sanders and The Kentucky Fried Chicken dream at age 62 paved way for his global restaurant chain after the great depression. H. Sanders started out in the US Army but ended up becoming a phenomenal success in the fast-food chain.

These individuals also made remarkable successes later in life –

  • Henry Ford – An automaker founded Ford at age 40.
  • Gordon Bowler – Founded Starbucks at age 51.
  • Joseph Conrad – A Polish-British writer regarded as one of the best novelist to have written in English language. Conrad never spoke English until he was 20.
  • Julia Child – An American known for preparing French cuisine. Was aged 30 before she prepared her first recipe.
  • Sylvester Stallone – Until 24 has only acted for the adult entertainment.
  • Connell Sanders – Started out in the great depression selling fried chicken.
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau – Was a tutor, music copyist rose to prominence at 38 and helped inspired French and American revolutions.
  • K Rowling – Writer and former teacher who started her writing career at 23.
  • Ray Kroc – An ambulance driver that eventually became a success with Richard McDonalds in 1961.
  • Fauja Singh – A British Sikh centenarian marathon runner who holds the best record for his age bracket, 5hrs 4mins at age 92.

You can make it when you close your eyes to your age and past disappointments. Believe in yourself once again. You can aspire to succeed.

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About Chinedu Ozulumba

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

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