Just A Few Reasons Why You Need God In the Marketplace this Year

Why you need God

Experiencing an amazing crossover night unfolding into a promising New Year, most people around the world embraced the New Year in high spirits as expected.

It was breath taking visualizing colorful fireworks, hearty cheers, New Year kisses, New Year wishes running into thousands on social media just in a few seconds; even the atheist, the most ungrateful, depressed, depraved or broke will somehow acknowledge another opportunity to start off again.

I believe you felt the same way being able to read this at this time is more reason why I should congratulate you and wish you a Happy New Year.

Amidst the celebrations all around the world, a lot is taking place as we speak. Just like your stop watch reset button, the button for the marketplace has been pushed to restart and we’re already counting down.

The good news is; career people, entrepreneurs, investors are already taking position to rally again in the marketplace.

When everybody knows the way to the kitchen, it’s obvious that the contest for food is expected to be competitive. The marketplace indeed will be competitive as market players will become assertive. Anyway, that’s expected.

Why do I need to get God involved?

As much as this subject is personal and most professionals wouldn’t discuss God in the workplace or include Him in business negotiations even if they now He exists and rules, I think we should start off with Him as we see 10 more reasons to get God involved in the marketplace this year.

#1. You cannot do it alone

There’s just how far our strength can take us, just a few miles really. If you truly want to go far this year and excel in the fields, don’t go it alone.

#2. You need Him to bless your hustle

You possibly could hustle better than I do and all the famous hustlers put together. But there’s one thing that keeps recurring when hustlers amass great wealth, sometimes such wealth is kept in a bag with holes. “Easy comes, easy goes” A blessing in time keeps the grains.

#3. You may not need a mix of strategies, one strategy could be “It”

Hitting the bull’s eye in the game of dart makes the difference. It keeps you ahead and motivated for the next shot. Ask for that “One strategy”, God can show you.

#4. The marketplace is tough, ambushed by wolves – You need God to navigate right

Your perspective to business differs from many others in the market. As a player, your approach to business could be either legitimate or unscrupulous. The sad part is, unethical players kill the integrity of a few ethical players and this action could mess up the whole system. You need God to single you out of the bunch.

#5. There will be times you’ll feel like – It’s not worth it anymore

Downtimes happen, what you do at these low levels matter. Irrespective of what’s going on physically and how unpleasant things might have turned out, God has a way to make all those unpleasant circumstances work out for good eventually.

#6. There’s more to what you can see alone

Ever heard of the spiritual rules the physical? That is true because the sun, moon, stars, the seasons and all the elements we see and experience today is divinely controlled. Beyond the cute corporate suits, expensive jeweleries, big deals you see, the marketplace is also controlled divinely.

#7. Wouldn’t it be great to have a superior partner?

Two are better than one, a triple twined cord is not easily broken, to have an Immortal, Invisible and the only Wise to partner with you is a great privilege.

#8. There could be times you’ll need just His favour to make a difference

Ever heard of being favoured when you don’t merit it? That’s a sweet position to be in. when you get appointed, elected, chosen for something when the stakes are so high. It only gets sweeter.

#9. To truly excel, He knows exactly how to make the tides of the market work for you

The outcome of trades, opening and closure of the financial markets all over the world. As He sees the end from the beginning. He surely knows has to make all work for your trades.

#10. You just need Him.

Get God involved to struggle less.

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Do you have other reasons why God needs to get involved?, please share in the comment box below.


About Chinedu Ozulumba

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

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12 thoughts on “Just A Few Reasons Why You Need God In the Marketplace this Year

  1. Pearl Reply

    With God all things are possible. Like you shared in a previous post, I’m optimistic about 2017. This is what i need at the moment. Its timely as well.

  2. Adeshina Popoola Reply

    Sincerely the amount of space we give to God in whatever we do is the same way God will be involved in our business.

    • Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Hello Sir,

      You’re absolutely right..most time He just watch us do our thing not knowing we are missing out on alot. I believe it time to give Him an opportunity to rule in our affairs again.

      Thank you for visiting.

    • Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Oh yes, you’re absolutely correct, I think starting with God will make the difference in all our endeavors this year. Thank you Saheed for making out time to visit and congrats once again on your blog award. Many more to come soon.

  3. Adebayo Folashade Reply

    Bravo Sir. This article is really exceptional, may the almighty God bless the work of your hand. Amen. Brilliant way to starting the year . Looking forward to More of this sir.

    • Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Thank you so much Folashade, May God see us all through this year that we come out with great testimonies all over. Your comments and thats of others encourage me. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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