Getting Heard in a Busy Marketplace

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You’ll agree that there are 1001 repeated ideas everywhere you turn. In less than a minute various Ads bombard you either on your mobile device or desktop.

The appeal for attention is even getting crazier since the debut of Facebook and Twitter introducing its platform for publicity at the click of a button.

The marketplace gets busier by the second, clogging up the minds of every person; sometimes this could be annoying as you get slammed with same Ad notifications through pop-ups, widgets and other advertising alternatives once you open a web page on your browser.

You may agree that there’s just an information overload in our world today seeking to get your undivided attention pulling you in all directions that you may no longer remember what you last saw.

Try this, open your yahoo mail box, you’ll notice flashing Ads on the right widget area, maybe two or three. Look at those Ads carefully; try to identify key features in any one of them for a few minutes. Close the page and write down three key features you saw.

I struggle with this not because I don’t know what I saw but my ability to retain such detail of information may be weakening.

If you got every detail right of the Ads you saw, then you may be on the part to becoming a genius.

Mr Fred Adetokunbo’s new laundry outfit

Old Fred stays few meters away from my house, he recently opened his laundry service business just few blocks away from where I live, and he was so excited about his new venture which he had been procrastinating to start for over eight months.

I visited Fred few days after he opened up for business, didn’t really know what he had up his sleeves before we met that evening.

“It’s finally off the ground”

Fred exclaimed as he patted me on the back in excitement.

I call him Old Fred because he acts seventy while he’s just in his late forties.

He told me how he eventually put together a portion of his severance benefit after leaving service further to a recent downsizing exercise in a consumer-goods manufacturing company where he worked for seventeen years.

As we laughed and teased each other about recent events in the country and how we were coping with the economic recession, he said that’s what prompted his business decision as we strolled down the street where he offered me roasted plantain and a drink as we celebrated the birth of his new venture, he was truly joyful and I indeed rejoiced with him.

I could really tuck myself into what he was feeling although not enough; but I saw someone being contented with his achievement.

Months past afterwards

I bumped into Fred while taking a walk to pick up a snack at a local store. We exchanged pleasantries.

Not seeing him for over two months, his venture flashed through my mind as we neither saw nor spoke for the last two to three months, and I asked,

“How’s your business?”

I noticed he became uneasy, he felt like not talking about it as he did few months back.

Fred reluctantly said;

“My business seems appealing to every business man not with the intent to patronize but to start off the same thing, my customers have been shared in half”

A lesson from Fred’s experience

It’s certain, after you start-up your business idea, some entrepreneurs are just few hours from starting off the same thing whether you realize it or not.

It’s a reality you just have to deal with; there’s nothing really you can do about it especially for businesses with low entry barrier requiring few bucks to get it started.

A consolation here is that their services may not necessarily be better than yours.

In the midst of the whole panic having your neighbour set up his or her store to sell coconuts that you just started selling as your prime product, it’s possible to feel discouraged thinking your voice in the marketplace would be swallowed up and market share depleted.

But if you recall why you started in the first place, you will know you’re in for the long haul, you’ll want you give yourself a second chance at success. Probably you could be lucky.

Those that remain at the top are those that stay after others have gone.  It won’t be easy anyway, but decide to give yourself another opportunity after others may have stepped aside.

Plugging away from the noise 

If you think the noise in the marketplace will fade out, you may have to wait for a longer time; probably you’ll be advised to leave entirely.

But I feel you won’t just back out just like that, not now you’ve gone this far.

Learning to focus and hold on will be your greatest asset when you’re faced with so much distraction from other market players.

You’ll just have to concentrate and keep doing what you’re doing, there’s no wrongdoing peeping into other players space to know what they’re doing to get so much noise and media attention.

The attention your competitors seem to get may be intimidating especially in our world where books are now judged by its cover not unwrapping to see its content.

Many businesses in your niche will come and go, just take time to look around; some you used to see may not be there anymore. I’m not witch hunting but it’s certain this would happen sooner or later.

Just try not to make up the list of those that’ll be exiting in months or years from now.

Millennium speakers offer pep talks on tips, steps; ways and principles to business success without really unveiling some facts you need to know about how they became a success or at least enlightening you about the rigors of being an entrepreneur for the long haul.

Certainly they wouldn’t want to get you discouraged so you’ll have reasons to forge ahead.

Stay focused, being a success is not a hundred meters dash, desire the endurance of a desert camel.

A lot you’ll learn will be through your experience and that of others.

It’s good certainly, to have refreshing talks from time to time with those that can help you grow.

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Enjoy your day!

About Chinedu Ozulumba

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Heard in a Busy Marketplace

  1. Ayodeji Awosika Reply

    Hey Chinedu,

    Great post my friend. The story you shared of your friend Fred illustrates a scenario I’ve seen over and over. Everyone thinks their business will be the BIG ORIGINAL SUCCESS, when in reality most ideas have been done.

    That said, I do believe success will happen if you outlast your competition. People quit. Most blogs die in a few months.

    By the looks of your site, you’re on the rise and your business will go far!

    Off to share!

    • Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Thank you Ayodeji,

      Glad you visited, the BIG ORIGINAL SUCCESS comes with tons of work and hope mother nature smiles on all our efforts.

      Thank you so much, your posts on AYO THE WRITER blog is also great.

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