5 Other Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business


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With over a billion users on WhatsApp, millions of videos, images and text are shared daily, WhatsApp is undeniably one of the most popular application in the world. It’s simplicity and versatility has made it grow beyond a short messaging application to a multipurpose and resourceful application requiring little or no training to use.

Beyond sending messages to your peeps and other social and religious groups on WhatsApp, there are other creative ways to use this application. Continue reading “5 Other Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business”

5 Free Marketing Tools Small Businesses Can’t Afford To Ignore

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With constraints in finance and running a business on a small budget, one may not have so much resources to invest in paid advertising.

What do you do next?

A call-to-action on available online marketing tools to boost your visibility is the way to go.

Not to worry, there are marketing tools you can deploy in minutes once you’ve set up an appealing business profile and Adverts for your campaign.

Here are five effective marketing tools that works, all for free. Continue reading “5 Free Marketing Tools Small Businesses Can’t Afford To Ignore”

Two Proven Ways to Correct Social Media Sins

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You’re undeniably concerned about your personal brand, right?

Do you like what rolls out of the feed when you key in your name on Google search?

What you get to see online is your assessment over the years, from your first Yahoo or Gmail account to other website forms you’ve filled and your social media accounts.

Good or Bad, Rich or Scanty…All you’ve done over the years pops up in your face.

Trust me, most people will or will not do business with you Continue reading “Two Proven Ways to Correct Social Media Sins”

Getting Heard in a Busy Marketplace

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You’ll agree that there are 1001 repeated ideas everywhere you turn. In less than a minute various Ads bombard you either on your mobile device or desktop.

The appeal for attention is even getting crazier since the debut of Facebook and Twitter introducing its platform for publicity at the click of a button.

The marketplace gets busier by the second, clogging up the minds of every person; sometimes this could be annoying as you get slammed with same Ad notifications through pop-ups, widgets and other advertising alternatives once you open a web page on your browser. Continue reading “Getting Heard in a Busy Marketplace”

Learn to Write Web Contents Effectively

Writing for print and web
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What’s your attitude when you access content on web and at the same time on print? Reading online and looking through on print are obviously two different medium of accessing information and it’s certain that your attitude to each medium will differ. I’ll will provide insights into content creation and readers consumption pattern online. Continue reading “Learn to Write Web Contents Effectively”

3 Reasons why Google+ is a Smart Tool for Your Business


When Google+ was introduced in 2011, it faced a lot of criticism among pessimist, specialists, media experts, tech giants and haters.

It appeared to be just another App seeking to displace the early arrivers in the space.  Despite this unhealthy publicity,  more users joined daily.

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5 Smart Ways to Write an Enticing Hook

Writing a hook

Readers have overtime become impatient in reading as audio and visuals communicate in lesser time. Most have this pattern of closing web-pages they find uninteresting without scanning through for other relevant content. You’ll observe most readers are a bit impatient on web-pages compared to print. An average reader closes

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