5 Ways to Retrace Your Steps after Failing Woefully

Failing is not fun, but it’s sadly inevitable that unhappy moments will rear their ugly heads at some point in our lives.

Everyone tries to avoid doing stuff that attracts pain, suffering and failure. Most people go ahead to do the wrong things hoping and expecting to succeed at it.

You and I know that heading in the wrong direction no matter how fast and seemingly right doesn’t turn out to be meaningful at the end. The presumed happiness will only be short-lived, just like playing poker and hoping you’ll ace all the time.

Failing at the workplace likewise gives off intense amount of pain especially when you’ve put in so much effort and yet the results are not encouraging.

Here’s the deal…

No matter how much and how far you’ve failed….you can retrace your steps and get awesomely supercharged from unpleasant events of life with these tips

#1. Admit that it could have been worse

A heart of gratitude initiates the whole process…

Being able to see your failures in its right perspective will help you get over it and motivate you to do better next time

No matter how awful you’ve failed, there’s always another case that’s worse off than yours.

It’s true that there are a lot of people out there that you’re in a much convenient situation than they are presently. Your case is not hopeless, what happened to you could have been worse. Look to the brighter side of life and you’ll see another reason to try again.

#2. Allow yourself to grieve naturally

Grieving is not pleasant, it supersedes mere crying. We grieve when we lose someone or something very dear to us.

But you know what, releasing yourself through the grieving process allows for quicker recovery and restoration compared to suppressing emotions.

Grieving gives room for clarity, sanctity and confidence afterwards.

A widow soon recovers after grieving the loss of her husband, It’s a natural process and it’s expected. Surprisingly, she feels strong, confident and has a clearer sense of purpose to move on after her loss.

Grieving is not a bad thing but allowing it to dominate you for a long time is destructive psychologically and disrupts social existence.

Grieve but don’t dwell therein.

#3. Determine to pick yourself up

A healthy dose of motivation will revive a broken spirit.

Try to remember someone that you know who somehow recovered from a devastating life experience; study how they managed their situation.

The willingness to get yourself back up puts you on the verge of full recovery. You know this when you are more receptive to people and can communicate with others.

Picking yourself back up and on time helps you get supercharged after recovering from setbacks.

#4. Critically look at why you failed

Failure doesn’t just happen…

Look closely and you’ll find strings, a clue or two why you failed. There’s always a cause and an outcome. For instance, poor planning is understandably a recipe for failure.

But, there are times, you planned carefully and worked so hard to see project succeed but…

Oops! Your project still got busted.

You visibly couldn’t figure out what went wrong. It’s usually a confusing state to be in.

Here’s what to do –

  • Look out the outcome of the steps you took that resulted in the disappointment. For example – Imagine presenting a paper during a seminar set for top-notch business executives and you start off muttering.

The poor start will leave one ashamed and cold. I’m sure if it were you, you wouldn’t want to hear the recording of that presentation afterwards.

If you take time to analyze the cause of failure in the presentation, there would be identifiable causes leading to poor performance. It could be inadequately rehearsing your starting, midpoint presentation and ending speech.

It perhaps could be inadequate sleep, fatigue or other related issues. It also could be overconfidence in one’s ability.

Pay close attention to possible causes and outline how to handle them.

#5. Don’t rush to the next big thing

Critically look at why you failed and having found some answers doesn’t mean

you should jump at the next project or task. At this stage, carefully plan your next line of action, this should be thought out carefully.

With clarity and the right information you’re up to yet another chance at succeeding this time.

Most great and innovative ideas in our world today had discouraging background stories of recovering from failure. The individuals behind those ideas used negative events to retrace their steps.

Thomas Edison performed over 3000 experiments to get the right filament for the electric bulb. He failed countless times until he eventually got it right.

If you have experienced failing circumstances and got yourself back up, kindly share your experience in the comment box below.


Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.


About Chinedu Ozulumba

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

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11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Retrace Your Steps after Failing Woefully

  1. Kenny Nwakanma Reply

    I remember way back during my university days, my first laptop crashed and needed formatting. This guy I knew then was a guru, he said to format it would cost 5000 naira,I begged him to take 2k because all I had was 4500, he refused.

    At that time, my love for tech was still growing so I said to myself, I will format this PC myself. I borrowed a windows 7 CD from a friend and tried formating. I ended up damaging my PC the more as there wasn’t any OS available in the PC’s hard drive anymore due to my impatient and novice nature.

    After 6 trials, I succeeded and my PC was alive. Today even if I am sleeping and you woke me up to wipe a PC, I will do it without blinking..

    Anything you keep failing on, shows you have success in the future of that thing.

  2. Adebayo Folashade Reply

    Nice work sir. Always on point as if u are reading my mind…

    • Ozulumba
      Ozulumba Post authorReply

      Thank you so much Folashade, I’m also excited this post did a little to help, more updates on the way.

  3. Ajibola Reply

    Another thing is to not condemn your actions totally, it might be right maybe you just missed something out. And don’t try to make room for excuse, nobody becomes great making excuses.
    Well done bro!

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