5 Brilliant Ways to Maximize the Use of the Restroom in Your Office

Most offices lack the required space for employees to let off steam and cool off. Those really desiring some quiet time to be alone with themselves make best use of restrooms at certain hours of the day.

Interestingly, these small rooms created for a singular purpose have now become multipurpose as some people prefer to take calls and do some other stuff while at the restroom. These reasons tell why some people find these rooms a good alternative.

#1. Maximize the Room space  

A full sized restroom measures about 5ft x 8ft which include a water closet, sink and bathtub.  For a half bathroom dimension, that would take about 5ft x 3ft comprising a water closet and a sink. This box-like room subconsciously confines the human mind thereby improving alertness and recreating deep thoughts that couldn’t be processed appropriately in a noisy environment.

#2. Take Advantage of the Sitting bowl

The toilet seat is what makes the restroom more private. I’ll call it a ‘reflective seat’ where inspiration and ideas originate.

Great books were inspired from some toilet seats, some life changing decisions were taken from this important piece of ceramic. So next time you visit the bathroom, don’t be in a hurry to wee and dash out, your life changing idea could meet you there.

#3. Activate the Quick Thinking Mode

The mind thrives well in a serene atmosphere. The bathroom may not be exclusive to our use alone, other users could be waiting to get in. it therefore means we can’t exceed a certain amount of time.

In this case, when you intentionally go to the restroom to be alone, you should be considerate of other users by allocating a specific time to rest your brain or think, let’s say ten minutes would be sufficient to do this and stick to it even if someone comes knocking. When you subject yourself to the set time, your subconscious mind increases its processing speed and delivers quicker results.

#4. Set Your Heart Free

The mind opens up to beautiful ideas when it’s at peace, many say, it’s at this point they get inspired. I use the bathroom most times to reflect or pray, it helps me avoid distraction. I’ll surely communicate with my Father in heaven in such circumstances.

#5. Solitude is a gift 

Restrooms are usually located off busy areas to a building, you’ll find most restrooms secluded from the main building. It’s most of the time located where you find least bustling activity except public toilets. They’re usually constructed with smaller windows reducing the infiltration of surrounding noise common with other part of the building.

Some restrooms have no windows, an air- expeller is installed to takeout air during use. That makes restrooms quiet allowing focus and concentration

When visiting the restroom in a few minutes or an hour, you should include a pen and a sticky note in your pocket, that could be where your multi-million dollar idea could drop.

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About Chinedu Ozulumba

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

Chinedu is a portfolio risk manager and content writer. He believes desired results are born out of creative thinking.

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